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The lifestyle magazine for people with a passion for the island.

Look Mallorca is your lifestyle magazine celebrating the many flavours of life in Mallorca. We will take you with us on an exciting journey through Mallorca’s fashion, beauty, gastronomy, wellness & health, culture, landscape, travel, properties, interior design, sports, people & much more.

Reaching Mallorca´s International Community


Look Mallorca is designed to reach Mallorca’s international community, and as such is published in Spanish, Swedish and English. Our mission is to deliver exclusive stories, unique images and entertaining ideas designed to provoke the same passion for Mallorca in your heart that we have in ours.

Mallorca: Cosmopolitan, style, elegance & glamour

We have created the magazine in 3 sections: Love Mallorca, in here you will find ideas about places to eat, things to see, what to do and meet some of the unique characters that live and work on the island. Look Amazing: on our cosmopolitan island that attracts people with style, elegance and glamour, we hope our fashion and beauty specialists will inspire you. Life Style: What are your plans for the next year? To travel more, re-decorate your home, buy a new property, or take up a sport? We’re here to offer you some help to make your dreams come true.

We hope that you will enjoy reading Look Mallorca as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

We want to inspire you

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