Malin Berghagen

“I want to awaken your desire to get to know Mallorca from
a different view than from the sunbeds.”

“Mallorca I mitt hjärta” has already sold well after just weeks on the shelves. It is her own special guidebook to her favourite spots and a guide to daily life, including introductions to friends coming from all over the world, but whom for various reasons, have managed to “land” on the island of Mallorca.

“In this book you will meet the Mallorca that I have come to know. Mallorca is health, wellbeing and a glorious adventure. Mallorca is the place where I live and work. Here I have the opportunity to eat good food with fresh vegetables and fruits during a large part of the year.

I want to awaken your desire to get to know Mallorca from a different view than from the sun chairs. You will meet the places I visited and the people I have got to know,” writes Malin in her book.

They say “dear child has many names” and Malin Berghagen has as many titles as she can manage. Yoga teacher, mother of four, writer, single, Mallorcan resident, daughter of Lasse Berghagen and “Lill-Babs” or maybe it’s just Malin, a city girl who appreciates good food and social events.

“Being raised and born in a celebrity family has both its pros and cons,” says Malin. The pros were falling asleep lying in her mother’s arms to the sound of discussions with Monica Zetterlund, Quincy Jones and Sammy Davis. “For me, they were just a bunch of nice people and I love the artistic world.”

The cons were parents who frequently had to travel and go on tours; so family trips were the period when they could really spend quality time together. Several of these trips led to Alcúdia in the 70s, which is one reason, she believes, that she felt at home there. When she grew up she revisited the area.

“It was like coming home,” says Malin. “And every time I land here and every time I depart, it is magically beautiful, almost so it hurts the heart. I have fallen in love with the island. And I’m also in love with Palma, being the city girl I am, “says Malin and smiles.

The road of life guided her into the world of yoga already at an early age and has ever since become her call in life. Mallorca, which is sort of a Mecca in the world of yoga, is also an excellent place for her to reside when it comes to her occupation.

“In the yoga world, we usually say that Mallorca highlights what you need to look at within yourself, which can create a bit of drama but at the same time Mallorca keeps looking out for you and takes care of you if you dare to face yourself,” says Malin. “Precisely for this reason many” yogis “ come here. This island is very attractive for “yogis”.

After three years of going back and forth between Sweden and Mallorca, it is now decided that Malin and her 13-year-old son will stay in Mallorca. What started with an intention to spend six months on the island has resulted in a desire and a decision to stay. “We have always rented second hand, as we never really knew whether we should stay or not. But now we have found an newly renovated apartment which we are moving into. So now we can create our own home, says Malin.