Animals, countryside and green grass are not words that spring to mind when thinking of New York City.

But for one couple living in the “city that never sleeps” these things were what they dreamt of.

In December 2015 Drew and his wife Hana went on a one-way journey, exchanging the hustle and bustle of New York City for the tranquility of Alaró, a small village in Mallorca.

A friend once asked: What is the definition of luxury?” Some might say a Porsche…others a Penthouse apartment or a Chanel handbag, yet, his answer was “picking tomatoes in my garden…”

It was one of those defining moments, when you are forced to think about what really matters in life and if you are dedicating your time to that, or, if you are a victim of a rat-race living in NYC, competing on who has the best art hanging on their walls. Don’t get me wrong, art is our love and one of our passions, but where does it cross the line from being passion to a status symbol?”

“During our in-depth research of purchasing a home in Mallorca that included obtaining a mortgage, meeting with architects and interior designers, another thing became evident, the lack of expert help, particularly with mortgage services.

This was the premise on which my partner and I founded Lionsgate Capital, a luxury lifestyle company that would provide the best residential and commercial mortgages with the most ease, the fastest turn around and with the best terms”.

One and a half years have passed, and three have become four with three year old Finn recently getting a baby sister named Ella, and the family is thriving on the island.

”We are beyond happy with the people, the food, the shopping, local markets and culture. We continually discuss that things have truly ended up much better than we could have anticipated. Kids in NYC have a cell phone at the age of 7, they have a credit card at the age of 9, it kind of takes away the magic of childhood.”

Drew and his family look forward to getting to know the island inside and out along with their family and new friends.

“We didn’t realize how big the island is and how long it can take to explore the island and find all of it’s hidden treasures”.

“As for Lionsgate we are just getting started… outside of mortgages and contemporary art, we have already identified many other luxury needs that aren’t catered for on the island. Our goal is to continue to pave the road for innovation and find ways for locals, and who have settled on the island to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds!”

CEO & Chairman Lionsgate Capital