New miracle weapon against diet-resistant fat pads?

Who does not know them, the persistent fat pads that defy any diet or exercise? There are many methods to get rid of them. And unfortunately, the more efficient, the more invasive. Whether needles or surgery, bruises and downtime have to be tolerated.

«Melting» fat away painlessly

With SculpSure®, the company CynoSure has launched a very promising, yet gentle method. The fat-away-Laser is to melt away undesired pads painlessly and in just a single treatment of about half an hour. The fatty tissue is heated to 42 to 47 °, which the patient will experience as a tingling or prickling sensation. At the same time, the connective tissue is stimulated to increase the production of collagen and elastin.

According to the manufacturer, this leads to a tightening effect. And: the permanently destroyed fat cells are excreted via the lymphatic system within 6-12 weeks. Per treatment, around 25% of fat cells are to be destroyed. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after two to three months.

Bye-bye saddlebags…

The fat-away-Laser can be used on most body parts; it works especially well on the abdomen, flanks, hip, thighs and upper arms. The treatment is not suitable for treating overweight and correspondingly large fat deposits.

No surgery, no needles – no downtime!

mySkin Mallorca is one of the first clinics that makes use of the SculpSure® in Europe. The results are inspiring. «Any surgery that is not absolutely essential poses an unnecessary health risk. The new fat-away-Laser is finally a non-invasive method against fat deposits that keeps what it promises«, says Dr. Cordula Ahnhudt delightedly.

«The device already operates at full speed!« The customers appreciate the fact that they can resume normal everyday life immediately after the treatment and without visible traces.

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