Starting a new life in Mallorca

A French and Spanish love story that started in Europe, continued across the world and ended back up in Europe again. This family of four is settling in to its second year of living on the island and are enjoying every second.

Everyone has a story, what’s yours?  

Anne-Laure: I am French and Juan José is from Mallorca. We met at University in France back in 2000 and since then we have lived in the Dominican Republic, Germany, Tunisia and Ibiza.

Juan José: Before moving to Mallorca in 2015, we lived in Ibiza.

Why did you choose Mallorca?

Juan José: Several reasons in fact. Primarily because of professional and family reasons; our children’s grandfather lives here.

Anne-Laure: Mallorca is a great island. It is connected to lots of international airports. It has good schools, a good health care system and Palma is a big city.

What is the best thing about Mallorca?

Anne-Laure: The cultural life, the mountains and the good food,

Juan-José: The Island offers a vast variety of unspoiled landscapes, nice beaches and cute villages. It’s a concentrated package, in a corner of the world, which you can only reach by plane.

What separates Mallorca from previous places you lived in?

Anne-Laure: Compared to Ibiza, Mallorca has bigger cities and is more alive throughout the entire year.

Juan José: Everything is very close, which makes it incredibly accessible with no need to waste time travelling. In addition, there is a great range of international schools to choose from.

What advice do you have for others thinking of moving here?  

Juan José: Come here with an open mind, open heart and start learning our language immediately. Islanders have a special mentality so take the time to understand how it is to live on the island and with island people. Adapt to the culture and to the people. Also realize that the island is the way it is because we kept it this way.

Anne-Laure: The Island is much more unspoilt than many people seem to think and that’s the beauty of it.

What are the benefits of living here with children?  

Anne-Laure: The amount of activities such as cultural events, music and sports.

What is your motto in life?  

Anne-Laure: Your head in the sky, your feet on the ground.  As I am myself, a dreamer yet logical.

Juan José: The important thing in life is the people you meet and the stories you hear; human chemistry. No matter which culture you come from or language you speak, it’s about the connection between one another. So live in the present
and stay grounded.