One of Mallorca‘s most sought-after destinations boasts with a charming authentic old town, a lively harbour and a kilometre-long sand beach. You will never get bored in Alcúdia and Puerto de Alcúdia. There are numerous activities, restaurants, cafés and bars to choose from that will make your visit fun and exciting!


The history of Alcúdia starts during the Bronze Age. Numerous archaeological remains such as talaiots dating back to that time were found. In 123 B.C. the Romans arrived and  shortly after founded the capital Palma as well as the town of Pollentia, located next to Alcúdia’s old town. After the Roman’s lost their power, pirates and Vandals attacked and destructed Pollentia during the 5th century. The inhabitants abandoned and left the town in ruins. In 902, the Moors conquered Mallorca and created a farmstead close to the former town of Pollentia. They gave it the Arabic name Alcúdia which means ‘on the hill’. Later in 1229 King James I of Aragon defeated the Moors and overtook the area. In 1298 King James II of Aragon bought the farmstead named Alcúdia and started building a new town as well as the construction of the surrounding walls. The city plan made then is still the same today, however the walls do not exist in their former grandeur anymore. Thus, visitors can only see remains of it today. Later, during the 16th century, pirates attacked the city causing the population to decrease until in 1779 a harbour was constructed to support the city. The harbour helped save and repopulate the town and improved its economical status.

Alcúdia and Puerto de Alcúdia today

Tourists began to visit Alcúdia and its harbour on a more limited scale in the 1920s. Since the early 70s, with the great tourism boom, Alcúdia and Puerto de Alcúdia transformed into a main tourist centre in the north of Mallorca. The harbour and beach became a large resort for European tourists while the old town was preserved and predestrianised. Today, both parts of Alcúdia are among the island’s most popular holiday destinations, especially among families who seek both relaxation and fun activities.

One day Guide

Whether you like relaxing at the beach, water activities, golfing, history, food or shopping – Alcúdia and Puerto de Alcúdia have it all! There are hundreds of things to do here. We will show you some options of how to spend a day in Alcúdia and Puerto de Alcúdia.

In the Morning


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you want to do it right. Head to Bellavista by Giuseppe for the best Italian coffee and some toast or Mallorquin bread with jamon and cheese. Or try a healthy matcha latte and yummy pancakes at Me Gusta in Alcúdia’s old town.

Beach Time

Read, swim, relax at Alcúdia’s long sandy beach. Kids will love playing in the shallow water, adults can enjoy water activities such as paddle surfing. Other beautiful beaches near Alcúdia are Playa de Alcanada and Playa de Sant Joan.


Have delicious mussels, fresh fish or meat dishes at Casa Gallega. Posidonia, at the end of Alcúdia’s harbour, offers beautifully presented, unique dishes such as fried artichokes, goat cheese salad or swordfish with vegetables. Both restaurants offer a great lunch menu.

In the Afternoon

Old Town

Take a stroll through Alcúdia’s charming old town. Have some ice cream, shop some souvenirs or take a walk on the medieval wall that formerly protected the town.

Coffee and Cake

For coffee with a sea view head to Aqua. Those with a sweet tooth will love the cupcakes, cake pops, donuts and other sweet delicacies at Anita Cakes.


Use the cool afternoon to work on your golfing skills at one of Mallorca’s most beautiful golf clubs in Alcanada. Or simply have a drink on the club’s terrace enjoying the stunning view of Alcúdia bay and the lighthouse of Alcanada.

In the Evening


For traditional Mallorquin dishes head to Los Patos, located at the fringe of Port d’Alcúdia. Indulge in exquisite wine and unique meals such as sea urchins or salmon tartar at The Wine Side in Alcúdia’s harbour. Delicious sushi, fusion cuisine and great cocktails are served at 5 Océanos, Antonio Orozco’s chill out bar and restaurant located in Mal Pas. If you’re into haute cuisine you will enjoy authentic island dishes with a unique twist created by Michelin-awarded chef Maca de Castro at her restaurant of the same name.


You prefer a sundowner with your toes in the sand listening to the sound of the waves? Royal Beach, Ponderosa Beach and Can Gavella are great beach bars not far from Alcúdia. You’re looking for a fun night out? Then Café Milano is your place.

Good Night

If you prefer staying in the charming old town, spend the night at one of the traditional yet modern and elegant boutique hotels Can Mostatxins, Ca’n Vent, Ca’n Simó or Cas Ferrer Nou Hotelet. Those who like being close to the sea will enjoy a good night’s sleep at Iberostar Alcudia Park, Hotel Astoria Playa, Zafiro Palace or Botel Alcudiamar.

All photos (except for the Maca de Castro photos) by Laura Pott

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