Andratx is an anciant municipality in Mallorca situated on the southwest of the island, and is just a few miles away from Port Andratx, which is the coastal part of Andratx. The city of Andratx is highly recomended for art lovers, since the most famous cultural centre of the island is situated right there. While Port Andratx, with its modernity and stylishness is an exclusive part of the island you must see. We show you the best way how to spend a day in both Andratx and Port Andratx!

How to spend one day in Andratx and Port Andratx

Andratx, also known by the locals as ‘la vila’, has a population of about 7,600 inhabitants. Authentic and tranquil, the town of Andratx is a must for those who want to explore the Tramuntana mountains and traditional Mallorcan culture. The urban center of the town is also where most of the historical and patrimonial attractions are located. You should furthermore visit the emblematic old estate of Son Mas, where the town hall is located, when coming to Andratx.


Start your day with an excellent coffee, fresh orange juice, croissants and, of course, sea views at the elegant Cappuccino Grand Café in the harbour.

Located in a charming alley of Port Andratx The Seed Mallorca serves not only healthy and organic snacks like coco pudding or beetroot salad but also local roasted coffee and homemade drinks.

Diving Lessons

“That the sea is one of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in Nature, all admit.” – John Joly. So, are you ready to discover the deep blue sea? If yes, then definitely try Cool Divers! They offer a great variety of scuba diving activities and exploring the sea with them will leave you speechless!


The CCA Andratx is the largest centre of contemporary art in Mallorca. The inspiring museum/gallery is full of unique art pieces: Paintings, sculptures, installations, graphics and photographs from international and local artists. The centre has a great reputation and only receives positive opinions from visitors. It really is a place you should see if you are in this part of the island!

American painter and sculptor Barbara Weil built and designed the Studio Weil overlooking Port d’Andratx. You can find paintings and sculptures from the American artist there and the building itself is also a piece of art, designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind. He created a building that takes the form of a concrete arc that is cut through with a pair of stairs. The building houses exhibition spaces, working quarters and a dramatic landscaped garden.


Beef tartare, duck foie gras, flamed sea bass and other delicacies are served in the elegant Trespais Restaurant! It’s one of the best in Andratx and Port Andratx. The wine selection is fantastic and reasonably priced, the quality of the food and the service are furthermore of exceptional quality. Spend a wonderful evening in a relaxed feel-good ambience.

After discovering the sea diving, you can now enjoy its beauty from above. Just by the ocean, Restaurant Sumailla is one of the best-known in this zone! The best reviews on Japanese cuisine and wine go to this restaurant! But don’t worry, even if you are not a great fan of Asian cuisine, there will be also varieties of other delicious food that you can try!

Beach Bar

Let the best come the last! The amazing Beach Club Gran Folies, one of Mallorca’s best beach clubs, invites you to enjoy your summer nights with breathtaking views and amazing drinks. Either during the day or at night.

Boat Trip

Explore the Mediterranean and Mallorca‘s stunning coastline by boat. There are several boat and yacht charters in the harbour waiting to take you on an adventure.


Hidden and wonderful, the Hotel Villa Italia is the right place to enjoy a stunning view on this beautiful city and the sea from it’s amazing location with some drinks to end the day!

Photo galleries one and three by Pernilla Danielsson

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