Humble, curious, creative, funny and decisive. There are many words to describe the lovely yet strong-minded Swedish entrepreneur Anna Johansson. The founder and creative director of A’Distraction, a high-end yoga couture and lifestyle brand, also works for Look Mallorca. Get to know our wonderful colleague and her brand a little better.

About Anna Johansson

Anna Johansson

Where do you live? I share my time between Ibiza and Mallorca.

What are your main interests and hobbies? I have a great interest in psychology, wellbeing and health-related questions. How the body, mind and spirit works together. I adore photography, design, art, architecture and graphic design. Yoga, music and dancing are key elements in my daily life. I also enjoy kickboxing, horseback riding, skiing and sailing. And of course sea kayaking along the Swedish west coast. And I loooove long dinners and wine lunches with friends.

What have you studied or worked as before? I have a broad international background within public relations, marketing and sales.

The Entrepreneur Life

How did your career as an entrepreneur start? I had a very inspiring entrepreneur of a boyfriend who always saw possibilities in everything and encouraged me a lot. Back then I was working and travelling like crazy within the corporate world. He said “if only you would invest half the time you are spending working hard for somebody else’s business, you would have great success in being self-employed”. It does however take a lot of work, focus and motivation to be able to succeed. In other words, being self-employed is not always so glamorous but I love it.

Since when are you working as an entrepreneur? I have been mixing being employed and self-employed over the last ten years. A’Distraction really is my passion project and I’ve been working hard the last two years in order to launch a top quality and exclusive collection. This is the first business where I am involved in everything. Design, strategy, sourcing, manufacturing – everything.

How would you describe a typical day in your job? It is always changing. One day I am in Paris sourcing textiles and hardware for my clothes and accessories. Another day it’s pattern making. The third day I might be spending time at the workshops here in Mallorca where everything is being handmade. Every day really is different. I’m also updating my web shop and Instagram regularly. Always thinking of new ideas and possibilities.

Creating without Boundaries

What do you love most about your job? The freedom and the possibility to create and visualise without boundaries. I only work with the finest top quality materials and textiles and this really gives me lots of joy and pride.

What fascinates you about yoga and fashion? I have always had a quite hectic and energetic lifestyle with lots of travels and changes. Yoga helps me to balance it all. It is actually during my yoga practice that I feel the most creative and get the most ideas. When it comes to fashion and design, I have really created a collection that is built upon my own needs. I like to feel beautiful, feminine, cool, elegant and at the same time be comfortable. This is why I choose lightweight luxury materials such as silk, cashmere and baby alpaca for my collections. I create versatile clothes and accessories that work both in the yoga studio or while sipping champagne or juice on a spontaneous weekend trip to Paris, New York or Ibiza.

I hope to be able to inspire others to live their dream and to find the balance between work, yoga, love, life and other distractions.

Future Plans

Can you tell us more about your current projects? I will continue working on expanding my current collection. Apart from that, I’m also involved in some cool, fun pop ups and collaborations.

Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to accomplish? A’Distraction is a lifestyle brand. I hope to be able to inspire others to live their dream and to find the balance between work, yoga, love, life and other distractions.

Learn more about Anna Johansson’s brand here!

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