Delight in an Exhibition of Sam Shaw, the talented photographer of the stars, Organised by the Mallorca Film Commission, the fantastic event will showcase images from the international acclaimed photographer, who is best known for his images of the most iconic film stars.

Exhibition of Sam Shaw

The exhibition is a sample of the prolific career of Shaw which has spun six decades and which will occupy the four floors of the exhibition space at Centro Cultural La Misericordia. The ground floor hosts a monographic about Marilyn Monroe, with some of the most iconic images of the actress and twentieth-century Hollywood.

On the first floor we find a collection of images that claim the figure of Shaw as a film producer, with films like Paris Blues (1961), starring Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier, A Woman Under the Influence (1974), Gloria (1980) and Love Streams (1984).

At the second level, there will be a showcase of Shaw’s photographs of great movie stars, such as Marlon Brando, John Wayne and Warren Beatty, among many others. Finally, on the third floor, photographs of the Shaw photojournalist documenting American life during the 1940s are exhibited, creating a collection of incredible images.

About the Exhibition

After years of travelling across the world, Sam Shaw arrives to Mallorca with his exhibition until August 31st which is free to attend. During the inauguration, it was attended by the daughters of Sam Shaw, Edie Marcus and Meta Stevens, as well as the curator Thomas Buchsteiner,  and coordinated by the Mallorca Film Commission, through the Fundació Mallorca Turisme and the Consell of Mallorca.

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Visit the Exhibition

Venue: Centro Cultural La Misericordia

Address: Carrer de la Misericòrdia, 2, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears

Dates: Until 31st August

More info:

Photographs courtesy of Sam Shaw.

Exhibition Sam Shaw

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