Fabulous weather in a stunning location, a large private property surrounded by nature, luxury amenities and a personalised service. The benefits of renting a private villa in the sun are evident. We provide you with interesting information about luxury rentals in Mallorca and more great excuses for you to choose your perfect villa holiday.

About Luxury Rentals in Mallorca

Sun and a hot to mild climate almost all year, stunning nature, charming cities and villages, lots of activities and an international flair make Mallorca one of Europe’s top holiday destinations. Especially German, Swedish, British and French holiday-makers love exploring the island and spending time here with their partner, families and friends. There are many reasons to choose the biggest Balearic island as a holiday destination. Mallorca offers stunning beaches and coves, the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana, a vibrant capital, sports and other activities, history, great Mediterranean food and lively, welcoming people. The island is also a very safe place for families as well as an exclusive holiday destination for luxury lovers. These will love our luxury rentals in Mallorca!

Look Mallorca offers unique luxury rentals in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza that will make you feel at home while enjoying the best of the Mediterranean. You can choose between rural fincas set on large properties on the countryside, seaside holiday homes or villas located close to the most beautiful towns. Whether you like it modern or traditional, our luxury rentals in Mallorca provide you with privacy and space, the best amenities, comfort and luxury on a high level. Enjoy our tailor-made services, we will organise your stay from start to finish together with the owner of each property and a great dose of expertise and passion.

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Benefits of renting a private Villa

When booking your holidays in Mallorca you can choose between a variety of places to stay. Some travellers prefer hotels or resorts, whether they be basic or luxurious, others rent private condos or villas instead. We point out the greatest benefits of renting a private villa to help you make your choice. Enjoy some time away, live new experiences, take a break from routine and make new memories without missing out on comfort, ease and luxury.

1. Privacy and Space

Did you know there is scientific evidence that taking a holiday can reduce depression levels and improve well-being? Spending time away from home is not just a treat but a great way to let your mind rest. Many travel for relaxation and disconnection. However, often times you won’t be able to completely unwind at a hotel or resort. Small hotel rooms, kids running around, room neighbours making noises, crowded dining halls, all sunloungers are taken.

Choosing to stay in a private villa instead offers guests a lot more tranquility, privacy and also space. A perfect escape in an idyllic setting. There are multiple bedrooms for each family member, you live on a large private property surrounded by calm nature and only need to see other people if you feel like it. Work out or practise yoga in the garden or villa gym, take an early morning or sunset dip, have a barbecue with your family. An upscale villa holiday recharges your batteries like no other stay. Time to relax!

Stay at Finca Villalonga near Sóller for an ultimate retreat in the Serra de Tramuntana

2. Amenities

Comfort is key. A private villa offers besides multiple bedrooms and bathrooms also a fully equipped kitchen. There you can cook healthy and tasty meals like you would do it at home. Living areas such as the dining and living room are perfect for fun and cosy get-togethers and family time. Meanhwile, private outdoor living areas allow you to enjoy amazing views while relaxing on the terrace or by your private pool.

Our beautiful colonial style Dux Mansion in Palma leaves nothing to be desired

3. Personalised Service

Many hotels and resorts offer great personal service. But it’s not the same service and individual attention you will receive with a rental company that offers unique tailor-made stays. From basics like welcome baskets, breakfast and daily housekeeping to private cooking lessons or in-villa chefs, transport, concierge service, massages and tennis lessons. Everything is possible! Destination specialists help with your pre-arrival holiday planning, restaurant reservations, excursion bookings and more. From finding the perfect villa for you to offering special services and unique experiences. The staff is keen to make your stay more convenient.

Book Can Neuendorf in Santanyi for massage services, private yoga or tennis lessons

4. Romance

Besides large holiday homes for families and groups of friends there are also smaller, more intimate luxury villas for couples. They are a perfect setting for private outdoor dining with an in-villa chef, indulgent poolside lounging or partner massages, cosy nights in and sunset tête-à-têtes.

Enjoy breathtaking sunsets and complete privacy in our stunning Villa S’Ullastre

5. More Value

Many people love the idea of staying at a private villa. However, they keep away from it because they believe it is much more expensive than a hotel. In fact, the cost of an upscale holiday villa is comparable to that of a luxury hotel stay. Staying at a hotel or resort promises a nice bedroom or suite and bathroom, that’s mostly it. Of course you can use the hotel’s facilities including spas, restaurants and more. But extra services in a hotel, from room service to a bottle of water or spa treatments can be quite expensive. Especially when travelling with families.

You receive a lot more value for your money when staying at a private holiday home. Extra space, private amenities like pool and garden, gorgeous views and above all, privacy! If you travel with kids they will surely love being able to play wherever they want. All this combined with a tailor-made service makes a private villa the perfect accommodation.

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