Look Mallorca is a lifestyle magazine with 3 editions a year: Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter. Intelligent, stylish and ambitious, Look Mallorca magazine refletcs the interests, values and passions of it’s readers. We offer our readers a expert local knowledge with international flair and creativity while inspiring them to experience what’s unique, exciting and extraordinary in Mallorca and beyond.

Look Mallorca Summer 2019

Look Mallorca Spring 2019

We want to share our company vision through this new publication, which offers our readers and customers information of real value about the Balearic Islands. Look Mallorca features interesting, relevant, and high-quality content and is the perfect guide for your holidays or business travels in the islands.

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Look mallorca spring 2019

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Look Mallorca Autumn 2018

What a summer! As always in hectic Mallorca, full of people and lots of heat. In autumn the weather is mild and the island not so busy, the perfect time to enjoy many activities in Mallorca. In this issue we recommend the best hiking routes, for all levels and all tastes. In addition, we give you the best advice on searching for edible wild mushrooms and much more.

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Look Mallorca Summer 2018

Palma de Mallorca is the place to see and be seen this summer. That’s why in this edition, Look Mallorca Summer 2018, we have included a quick guide with everything you need to know to spend a weekend in the city. The island offers some of the most crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. We have listed them for you so you can find the best hidden beaches easily.

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Look Mallorca Spring 2018

Look Mallorca Spring 2018

Spring has arrived, a time of new beginnings and new opportunities. It is also the time when Mallorca comes to life and prepares to charm young and old with its timeless beauty, exciting adventures, outstanding food and tantalising local wines. Enjoy the beautiful springtime with this new edition of Look Mallorca and imagine all the fantastic activities that await you this season. Thanks again for choosing Look Mallorca and see you soon!

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Look Mallorca Autumn Winter 2017

In this edition we would like to highlight the example of some female entrepreneurs, their dedication and their work. They are bold, persevering women who will not take NO for an answer, women who have opened up their own path in the world of business.

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Look Mallorca Summer 2017

Without doubt Mallorca is a true paradise. The idyllic island welcomes millions of visitors every year and offers a wide range of restaurants serving local food as well as other types of cuisine, amazing luxury hotels and a rich and interesting agenda for those who wish to enjoy art and culture.

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Look Mallorca Spring 2017

Look Mallorca magazine has grown both in quality and reach. The team has also grown in terms of numbers, and thanks to your comments of support. With each edition we strive to make the next even better.

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Look Mallorca Autumn Winter 2016

Even in winter months there are many activities and places to go – made possible in part – to our moderate climate. Find out more throughout the pages of this issue.
We’d like to thank the thousands of readers and collaborators who have made Look Mallorca possible and a pleasure to produce.

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Look Mallorca Summer 2016

This is our second edition of Look Mallorca magazine, you can certainly take advantage and make the most of your summer in Mallorca.

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Look Mallorca Spring 2016

It is a pleasure for me to present the first edition of our new publication, Look Mallorca magazine. Our mission is to deliver exclusive stories, unique images and entertaining ideas intended to provoke the same passion for Mallorca that we have.

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