Some say that the traditional music-recording era is slowly coming to an end, with more and more people producing music in their own bedrooms behind computers and closed doors. Others still believe that true magic can only be created when people meet, interact and connect with each other. Two such believers are Fredrik Thomander and Johan Lundgren of Palma Music Studios.

Both Swedish, one is an established songwriter and producer. The other a fiery spirit and former musician who after years in the corporate world finally decided to dedicate his time on his true passion, music. They have built up a business, Palma Music Studios, that will surely become a reference in Europe… who knows maybe in the world.

The Project – Palma Music Studios

“We are building a world class commercial recording facility, right here in Palma,” says a smiling Fredrik, the music producer. He also manages his key artistic project “The Flights”, a duo comprised of himself and Maria Marcus. He will run the studio on a day-to-day basis, with his expertise being available to clients.

Palma de Mallorca is going to become the new music-recording hub of Europe.
One of the top studios in the world.

Johan is resident in London, but flies frequently to his house in Mallorca and now even more so as they build up their business Palma Music Studios and its facilities. Currently builders are working intensively on their plot in Son Espanyolet, a quiet and typical residential area in the middle of Palma with close proximity to hotels, restaurants and the harbour.

“We know that Mallorca can provide music producers, artists and record labels with everything that they might need. We will offer top-notch music recording studios with high-end equipment. “The island will provide them with so many other things as well, that are unique to Mallorca,” says Johan.

Why Mallorca

While Mallorca may not spring to mind when recalling famous recording studios (Sweden, UK and the USA lead the way at present), it is actually a superb location for international artistes and production teams. Amongst its many attractions are a wonderful climate, stunning scenery and the fact that it is a “safe haven” an increasingly important factor in a turbulent world.

“We will be one of the top recording studios in the world,” says Fredrik.

“We already have artists booked and several requests from our very own network. Certain rooms will be allocated for both short, mid and long term rentals. We will also offer writing camps, song writing and production courses in addition to renting out the facilities.”

Everyone loves Music

Billy Joel, American pianist, singer-songwriter and composer once said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

As Billy Joel said “everyone loves music” and Fredrik and Johan are both excited to welcome artists, music producers and record labels from all over the world to do exactly that, produce much-loved music.

Palma Music Studios is developing their branding and digital platform together with Palma Media Agency.

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