New routes, more restaurants and tapas, tasty cocktails and lots of fun. The annual tapas and cocktail festival TaPalma will once again lure locals and visitors to the tapas bars of the island’s capital from the 26th of November to the 2nd of December. They come to taste traditional and contemporary tapas and cocktail creations. Don’t miss this unique event!

About TaPalma

TaPalma, a tapas and, for two years now, cocktail festival, will take place in Palma once again from November 26 to December 2. About 40 bars and restaurants on several routes will participate offering their most delicious, reasonably priced tapas and cocktail creations. In each restaurant you can taste different tapas, usually for 1,50 to 2 euros. Soft drinks, beer or wine and delicious cocktails are also available. The routes through Palma usually cover the areas of Central Palma, Palma Beach, Santa Catalina and Paseo Marítimo. As well as La Lonja, Blanquerna, Génova and Mercado de San Juan. So grab your friends and hop from one bar to the next one, enjoying tasty tapas, a glass of wine or beer or even a great cocktail.

In addition, two days before the start of the tapas and cocktails route, the TaPalma 2018 contest took place. In this contest local chefs can demonstrate their creativity and win an award. The originality, the presentation and the taste of the tapas will be valued. Each year a judging panel selects the best tapas and most creative chef of the festival.

Bringing Food Lovers together in Palma

After the popular summer season less people are coming to visit the island and there are also less events or activities. With this gastronomic event, the organisers together with Restauración Mallorca, aim to extend the season by attracting people to Palma‘s restaurants. Not only the local public, but also tourists. The goal is to revitalise the city for a few days. But also to position Mallorca, and very specifically its capital, as a focal point of Spanish gastronomy. TaPalma each year offers new features and surprises, with a single objective. Increasing the number of visitors, as well as the quality and professionalism of the tapas and cocktails presented. The purpose of the tapas festival is to continue supporting a vital sector in the daily economic activity.

Winner of TaPalma Contest 2017

The winner of the 2017 TaPalma contest was Rodrigo Vallejo, chef of the Shamrock restaurant. He won gold twice in the tapas categories: Tapa Tapalma ‘Picnic’ and Tapa Temática ‘Quelypizza marinera’. Meanwhile, the winner of gold in the cocktail category was the bartender Víctor Abal, of MG Little Italy, with his creation ‘Deseo de otoño’.

As of today the inscriptions are open for this new edition of the gastronomic route, which has already become a classic autumn event in Mallorca. All restaurants that register for TaPalma will be able to participate.

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