Hot summer days at the beach or in town call for refreshing and tasty ice cream or gelato. While there are hundreds of places that offer regular standard ice cream there are still some spots that produce real self-made delicacies. We have listed the top 10 ice cream places in Mallorca for you to help you find the most flavoursome artisan ice cream and gelato.

Discover the top 10 Ice Cream Places in Mallorca

From Valldemossa to Pollensa, fantastic ice cream treats can be found all over the island. Many of the ‘heladerias’ or ‘gelaterias’ offer more products than just ice cream. You should also try their waffles, slushies, crepes and cocktails.

Gelati Mossa, Valldemossa

Simple but tasty range of sorbets and ice creams made with locally produced ingredients. Try Gelati Mossa‘s typical sorbets made with oranges and lemons from the owner’s fruit trees. Our favourite: almond.

Ca’n Pau Gelats Artesans, Sóller

You are spoilt for choice with good artisanal ice cream makers in Sóller but this is one of our favourites. Unique, fruity creations made with citrus fruits from the Sóller valley. Our favourite is taronga, made with local oranges. Furthermore, Ca’n Pau always adds new flavours such as oreo or apricot.

Sa Fàbrica de Gelats, Sóller

You can’t miss this famous Sóller ice cream producer that uses fresh fruits from the Sóller valley in their delicious recipes. Our favourite at Sa Fàbrica is Sóller lemon ice cream and sorbet.

Rivareno, Palma

With a small-scale on-site laboratorio italiano producing fresh daily gelato, this is Italian artisanal gelato at its creamiest and most luxurious. Rivareno offers a wide range of flavours including both traditional and original creations. Our favourite: Sabayón or Contessa.

Ca’n Joan de S’aigo, Palma

Simple and natural home-made ice cream and sorbet in Palma‘s oldest café. Ca’n Joan de S’aigo is a bustling traditional café full of locals as well as tourists. They also serve fresh, delicious local pastries. Our favourite: strawberry sorbet.

Heladeria Ca’n Miquel, Palma

A vast array of ice cream and sorbet flavours are served in this specialist ice cream parlour in central Palma. Established for more than 30 years, they produce over 90 flavours, changing according to the season. Our favourite at Ca’n Miquel is any of the 15 delicious chocolate ice cream options.

Bo Bom Gelato, Palma

Under the motto “happiness is edible” Bo Bom Gelato brings to the island a new concept of gelateria and a true foodie experience. Wonderfully creamy, artisan gelato made with the freshest high-quality produce. Our favourite: Lemon with basil.

Gelats Paco, Palma

There is a good reason why this spot is included in our list of the top 10 ice cream places in Mallorca. Gelats Paco makes artisanal, original flavoured ice cream and granizados with mouth-watering recipes passed from generation to generation. Our favourite at the family-run business is dulce de leche con plátano.

Gelateria Colonial, Colonia Sant Jordi

Enjoy beautifully presented home-made ice cream and sorbets in this traditional, friendly ice cream café close to the beach. Try an ice cream sundae or ice creams with crepes or waffles for an extra treat. Our favourites at Gelateria Colonial are their ice cream sundae creations.

Gelats Valls, Pollensa

Founded in 1929 Gelats Valls is a Pollensa ice cream institution. An excellent choice for ice creams and sorbets with a large selection of flavours that change with the seasons. Our favourite: Café Arabica.

Written by Katie Toll

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